Cordless Battery Variable

EGO String Trimmer Cordless 15 in. Cutting Swath 56-V Lithium-Ion Variable Speed

EGO String Trimmer Cordless 15 in. Cutting Swath 56-V Lithium-Ion Variable Speed
EGO String Trimmer Cordless 15 in. Cutting Swath 56-V Lithium-Ion Variable Speed
EGO String Trimmer Cordless 15 in. Cutting Swath 56-V Lithium-Ion Variable Speed
EGO String Trimmer Cordless 15 in. Cutting Swath 56-V Lithium-Ion Variable Speed

EGO String Trimmer Cordless 15 in. Cutting Swath 56-V Lithium-Ion Variable Speed   EGO String Trimmer Cordless 15 in. Cutting Swath 56-V Lithium-Ion Variable Speed
56-Volt Lithium ion Cordless String Trimmer w/Rapid Reload Head (Battery and Charger NOT included). Maximum cutting path diameter in. Battery Amp Hours: No Battery. Charger Included: Charger Not Included.

Included: No-tool Line Replacement, Replacement Head. Say goodbye to line replacement complaints with the EGO 15 in. EGO POWER+ String trimmer features the revolutionary Rapid-Reload system so you can quickly and easily load new cutting line. Cutting swath, bump-head line advancement and professional-grade. Cutting line make quick work of yard clean-up.

Compatible with all Arc Lithium batteries for Power Beyond Belief. Rapid reload head to quickly and easily load cutting line. Dual-feed spiral-twist 0.095 in. Tested out my new trimmer.

Have not done my whole yard as of yet. My big issue at the moment is it is quite heavy with the battery.

I'll maybe update this after I get use to it. I did a lot of research.. I did a lot of research and decided on this one. Super lightweight and powerful and the battery lasts long enough for my yard. It's a little heavier than I thought.

Have only used it twice, good machine! Only used twice, but so far it works well.

Nice to not have to wear my ear plugs. Environmentally friendly (as good or better than gas trimmers). This is the best trimmer I've ever owned. A great mate to my Ego lawnmower. My neighbours are rightfully envious. Kudos to the folks at Ego. How can you not be #1 in your field. Bought it for my wife she loves it.

Light weight plenty of power and loves the interchangeable batteries. Versatile, great product for being battery.

If the battery lasts I'll never go back. My yard is not particularly large, but I've trimmed it two times without needing a charge. The 0.095 size line hacks thru tall grass with ease. Bought last week and used once. Still getting used to the weight but it really works well.

Plenty of power and bumps easily to lengthen the cutting line. Battery lasts a long time.

I believe someone has pretty accurate times of you Google it. These guys are onto something. Struggled with gas trimmers for 25 years.

I got the string trimmer and he performs beyond my expectations. Have about a quarter acre to trim and does it on one battery charge. I was so impressed I got the mower and I love that too. Runs very quiet, seems to have good torque and is not too heavy. Wasn't sure about switching from has to battery, glad I did. Bought weed trimmer a week ago, used it twice-well balanced trimmer-battery trims my lawn in one charge with power to spare to use blower to finish my yard. I bought this edger because I have two other products made by Edge and Ian satisfied with the reliability with all products.

How will it uphold to the workout that it will get in my yard. Finally Enough Power from an Electric! I've owned many gas-powered trimmers but always had problems with reliability.... Gas would go bad, starting and running problems..... But no battery operated trimmer had the power to handle the thick vegetation on our property..

Had for a couple of months now.... Works great as much power as my old gas powered and no gas or mixing oil! Just pop the battery on and go! Bought about a month ago, has good power being cordless. Quick charging, happy with it this far. Super tough trimmer, weak battery. I bought this trimmer for myself in the Spring of 2018.

Used it every week and liked it so much I bought my son-in-law one. It set for about a month due to draught in the region and the battery went dead. Tried to charge it to no avail. The battery has a 3 yr. The trimmer itself is pretty darn tough and light to use.

Run time on high is about 15 minutes. Go down to mid range and it will last much longer. I trim my 3 ac. I have the older model without the push-button line feed, but it still loads quickly.

Well Designed, Light weight, Great Battery Life. Uses same 56v battery as my Lawn Mower and Blower. I wish I had replaced my gas string trimmer long ago with an Ego Power trimmer. I've been wasting hours trying to get a gas beast to run. My Ego trimmer battery charged up in less than an hour and was then able to run for nearly an hour.

I liked that I could easily control the speed as I did with the gas trimmer. A bonus is that it is much quieter than I expected. It is a bit heavy so I will be getting the shoulder strap.

It really gets the job done. The batteries really hold a charge. Love my Ego Power + Trimmer.

Had it for over a year and it works great. Thoughtful design and lightweight / balance makes it easy to use. Quality and ease of use. 5 years ago I had shoulder surgery and was not able to pull start my gas leaf blower. That has met my high expectations.

Your ease of use coupled with quality has made me a loyal customer. I have used the Ego trimmer on a daily basis. I like the powerful brushless motor, the balance, the smoothness and most of all nothing stops it.

We have motorized trimmers at my disposal and I always use my Ego. We have 160 acres of trees and fairways.

This unit is up to all challenges. The battery lasts very well and recharges before I use a backup. I plan on getting another one. I also have the hedge trimmer that works equally well. Overall, this is an excellent trimmer.

I decided to try a battery operated trimmer based on a recommendation from a good friend. After many years using gas operated models I didn't know what I was missing until I tried the eGO trimmer. It is powerful, quiet and very efficient.

It was hard to regulate the power of the gas trimmers and I used a considerable amount of line. With the eGO I use a fraction of the line I used before. The eGO works so well I can trim my lawn in 20 minutes less than with a gas trimmer. The battery lasts at least an hour which is what it takes me to trim my lawn.

The battery charges very quickly too. I love it and will replace my gas mower and gas blower with Battery operated eGO products.

Was surprised at the power. I wish it had more run time. All the power you need and no fumes, no pulling to start, less weight, and less noise. What's not to like?

Greatest trimmer I've Ever owned. Very satisfied with the loading of the string.

I have the mower, blower and now the trimmer. At first I thought that this trimmer was expensive compared to other manufacturers offering but now that I've had this for a month I understand the high value. Very powerful and long run times. I use it to trim outside my fence that runs onto a city drainage pond.

Where the vegetation grows taller than myself. This trimmer is up to the task where my neighbors with his other brand struggles. Powerful enough I'm concerned about cutting down the shrubs that I want to keep. If you are going to use it for longer duration I'd recommend a shoulder strap.

I bought this a year ago. This is as powerful as the gas one. I do miss the pulling on the starter rope. So far very happy plenty of power. I have a small yard so I did not test battery time.

Strong engine, does the job. Has the power I need to get my yard done. Quite and the bump works well. I have two batteries on full charge and can finish the full half acre. My 16 year old son cuts 10 yards in our neighborhood and he kept complaining about my Stihl gas trimmer.

He said that it vibrated excessively and that he could never get the line to feed or restring it correctly. After lots of research I got away from gas and bought the Ego string trimmer. I was blown away by the ease of use and it has plenty of power for residential yard work. We have had for about two weeks and my son thanks me daily!

Good job Ego on a fantastic product! I bought this trimmer about 2 weeks ago and only used it once, but worked well. I bought this straight weed eater about 30 days. And let me tell everyone is the best weed eater I ever owned Omg 100% satisfaction working with it thank goodness for Ego power. I've used it twice on my 63-foot lot edged by many flower beds and found it perfect.

I brought my old gas powered trimmer to the cottage and was reminded of the pain in the neck a gas powered trimmer can be. I hope a blower without battery is available.

I bought this unit after many years dealing with gas powered units. At first I was very skeptical but after reading many reviews I took the plunge and happy I did.

I have a large yard so about 45 minutes of trimming is required. Done with messing with gas and pull starts. It's very Lightweight due to the battery taking the place of the motor, very durable and tough. Tough as the several places I cut have a rock pathways that are very uneven, long story short very pleased.

The battery lasted with the power, so you have a different power with the pull of the Tigger, or should I say speed. This is done by how hard you pull the trigger half depressed it's cutting at a good speed. Fully depressed your cutting thick sections of grass if that makes sense with ease. I enjoyed this for edging the yard and around trees..

Also I cut very high tall grass and weeds to see how it would perform also pleased. Well made piece of equipment! Got tired of my old gas trimmer (although it still works great), to heavy and noisy. Can't wait to add to my collection of EGO tools. Top quality materials best cordless weedeater recommend to a friend. This trimmer is well balanced and long enough I can stand straight while trimming. Since I already have an EGO mower, I didn't really need the charger. However, with that said I feel like this is a 5 star product all the way. I love my mower as well and as the need arises I will add EGO products to my garage. This review was collected as part of a promotion. I bought my unit 2 weeks ago and the second I opened it up I fell in love with it. What a great design sleek, strong and well balanced I can't stop using it. I did my yard and then to my sons yard and can't wait to find something else to do!! Off to my daughters house next. I was so impressed with it I immediately went out and bought the EGO blower and then the EGO lawn mower. Finally someone got it right. So very impressed with this product. No strings to pull, no worry about having enough electric cord to get the job done. I've had a number of gas trimmers before this and I have to say this trimmer is the fastest and most powerful of all. In addition its balanced very well and doesn't seem to wear you out as much.

We have 2.5 acres so I cant get every done on one charge, but that's not a big problem since i was so impressed with th lus trimmer, I went out the next day and bought the hedge trimmer. An added benefit is I now have 2 batteries.

The only issue I now have is I dont get a break on the trimmer while I wait for the battery to charge, which by the way takes less than an hour. I bought the Ego weed eater a month ago and simply love it. It's the first battery one I've owned. Love the convenience of starting it with ease.

The battery also interchanges with my Ego blower. I have long hated weed eaters... Every year I dreaded summer because I had to get out the hard-to-start, gas mower and flimsy electric weed trimmer.

I would often let my yard go until the city warned me to do something about it. Yes, I was THAT neighbor! Recently, my next-door neighbor and I bought a mower to share.

Needless to say, when I got home, I was facing a forest of unkempt weeds. The trimmer charged quickly and off I went, with tail between my legs, to face the daunting challenge. Low and behold, it was a dream to not have the cord wrapped around my house, fighting me with every step and turn. I cut and cut and cut, with the occasional pause to get the lopers out to rid myself of a volunteer tree, or hundred. I have used the trimmer multiple times thus far this spring and did not hate it at all.

My only suggestion is that I think the trimmer should come standard with the shoulder strap. I ordered mine after the first use and it has made using this trimmer even more enjoyable. I can almost weed eat with one hand now. That leaves my other hand free to wave at all my neighbors as they drive by giving me the'thumbs up' for not letting my yard turn into a virtual Jurassic Park.

(Probably not recommended in the safety manual). If things go the rest of summer, the way they have started, I will no longer be the pariah of the neighborhood, but a yard to be celebrated. My eyes have been opened, the clouds parted, and I swear, I could almost hear angels singing. Not going back to gas. Crazy how simple and effective this is.

I love all types of gas engines, but as easy as this is to use, I don't think I'll be going back to a gas weed eater anytime soon. It's plenty powerful for anything I've run it through so far.

Cant say enough good things! I got the string trimmer as a gift, its light weight, easy to use, cuts thru the weeds and grass.

My neighbor saw me using it, came over asked about it, let him try it.... As a woman who has had multiple back surgeries, this battery powered one is a game changer!!

Very light and well balanced yet powerful. Even my wife who is 4 ft 10 in can use it.

One battery lasts the entire yard. Very good tool at a reasonable price. The reputation of EGO is good which drew my attention to the string trimmer. I like the battery and it's interchangeably with other EGO tools. Very easy to assemble and was ready to go in minutes.

Just needed to charge the battery. I was a little skeptical due to battery operated byt once I used and seen how powerful I was amazed and could not stop!!!

A GEM OF A LAWN TOOL. Everything you read about this trimmer from EGO and other people is spot on. I've been using this trimmer since the fall of 2017 and it performs. The battery and the charger are simple to use.

I bought this ten days ago, and it's just as powerful as advertised. Although it seems heavy, with a nice center of gravity, it actually feels lighter when working with it.

It goes right to the edge to make a nice, clean cut. It's awesome compared to my blade trimmer.

Sure beats my Worx Trimmer by far! I can't get over the raw power at my hands. Had to redo my string because it just didn't work right but it was no big deal. At first a little clumsy but mastered it in no time. I will keep it simple. I just bought this and and was a little skeptical that it would work as well as my old weedeater. My line is only 50' x 175' but I have used the trimmer twice without charging the battery.

I use about 2/3 of the power level available. You just push the levers and voila. No mixing, pull cords, stalling, or smoke.

The weight and ergonomics is very good as well. I've only used it once. The only criticism is the bump and go. Had to take apart the head and rewind the string. Actually bought the blower first then went back and got the string trimmer.

Was tired of dragging out the 100ft extension cord and haven't had much luck with gas trimmer. Feels solid & great torque. I have only used it twice but it's really powerful and no more loud gas engine or fumes. This little unit and the amazing battery pack. It cuts good is super lite and I don't have to run it wide open to cut grass.

If I'm in the heavy weeds wide open is plenty of power. Just got through using my new EGO 15 inch trimmer. I have used every trimmer you could name over the past 25 years.

This one takes the cake! It is powerful, handles like a tool should and feeds smartly. I sure thank EGO for saving my back and arms.

Feel free to use my name. I love the power this trimmer has and the ability to control it.

I bought the blower also with additional battery and charger. I'm Impressed with the run time so far. I had the string trimmer about a month. No more tangled cords, gas, pulling ropes, etc.

The new battery cost may be a problem though. If you get a sale on a new unit it becomes a little more justified. That is why I now bought the blower this Memorial Day. The additional battery is a backup with the powerful blower'free'. Great Trimmer - Light & powerful!

Bought a few weeks back - Put it together and used it the very first day - its easy to assemble - Easy to Reload the String - Powerful, the Battery Charges Quickly - and the best thing is no more mixing gas, no more loud engine noise, and no more pull starting over and over again - just press the trigger and start trimming - awesome. Great features easy to use. I bought this about a week ago used it four times love. I just bought this tonight. Already super impressed with the easy assembly and the ease of use. We couldn't wait to test it out so we used it right out of the box without fully charging the battery. To our amazement it was enough to trim around our whole fence in our back yard. Bought this because it would be easy for me and it works great! I bought this last week , so I could transport back and forth to my vacation home (no gas smell). The power compares to my echo gas trimmer, the double strand line is fantastic and the battery charges fast.

I have to be careful to keep the cutting head parallel with the ground - otherwise I'll whack the grass below the roots! Goodbye Gas Whipper Snipper - won't miss ya. This spring, the old shipper snipper would not start. ENOUGH with the choke, blended gas, fight to start it! Went to the HD, looked at the better end cordless, picked this one and love it!

It does the yardwork on 1/2 the battery's charge. Amazed at how quiet it is.

I have a small area to weed wack and this trimmer works perfectly for it. About six months ago I bought the blower with battery pack and charger. Now that spring is here I needed to string trimmer.

Since I had expensive bits the trimmer was relatively cheap. And what a tool: silent powerful controllable best on the market. I have had my trimmer for a year. Best trimmer Inhave ever used. Power is better than a gas trimmer and the battery life is fantastic. So far so so good! I have only had this trimmer for a week. But so far it has been great. I just got this string trimmer. I have used it once for about two hours.

I love the variable speed on the trigger because it allows you to slow down the speed of the string when you are trimming around your car or close to windows. This greatly decreases the probability that you will break a window or nick the paint on your car with a rock. I like that it is a straight shaft because it allows you more flexibility on where you can place the handle. It has tons of power. All in all great trimmer!!

I got this for a birthday present from my dad and I love it. It's easy to use and would recommend it to anyone.

Now I have the carbon fiber/push button powerloading system.... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 5 STARSNO MUSCLE STRAINQUIET BRUSHLESS MOTORSTEROID POWER (INCREDIBLE HULK). After a shoulder injury my gas powered trimmer caused too much pain after use. The Ego trimmer has just as much power and is much smoother to run. I already had the EGO hedge trimmer so having two batteries is nice.

The trimmer runs about 25 minutes in rough terrain. Perfect design but marketing defect. Solid product and performs well but marketing needs to inform buyers of ALL five Battery strengths.

I had no clue a 7.5 amp battery existed until I read the manual. If I owned a hardware store I would lay out all the options.

Just used my Ego string trimmer for the first time this season. It does a great job, the battery lasts around 40 minutes between charges and, by the time it needs recharging, so do I.

I have four EGO products they are great. Due to my small property and poor mechanical skills particularly tuning a carburetor, plug-in electric equipment has been my mainstay. We compost tree and hedge pruning. The EGO mower does a great job mulching for compost of areca, Manila, bamboo, and peach palm fronds.

I have EGO's lawn mower and snow thrower as well. EGO is doing a fine job of providing sufficient battery power and charge for the jobs at hand. Just used our new ST1500 and can not believe how GREAT it works! We had a ST1200 and wasn't happy with it at all.

Ego replaced it with the ST1500 FREE of charge and it is amazing. The bump feed works great unlike our old ST1200. The power was more than we needed and it went so much faster the wife was able to weed whack the entire yard without having to recharge it. The old ST1200 would only do about 3/4 of the yard and we'd have to stop and recharge the battery.

Couldn't be happier with this unit. Because Ego stood by their product we will be purchasing a new lawn mower next year!! I have been using the 15' string trimmer with a 2.5 ah battery for a couple of months now. This is a powerful string trimmer! The string lasts longer than my gas unit. Maybe it doesn't turn as fast or maybe it is stronger string, I just know that I like it. The battery lasts a good 45 minutes for me and that is about as much trimming I want to do at a time. One improvement I would like to see is an addition of a strap to relieve some of the swinging weight. To have a string trimmer at the ready without mixing and adding gas then pulling a starter many times is well worth the price. I was somewhat skeptical, but wanted to get away from gas management and carburetor issues. Tried a few battery operated trimmers and concluded that 56v is the magic number to get petrol like performance. Its easier to make the decision to do yard maintenance when one does not have to ponder if your grass trimmer / hedge trimmer / blower is , or is not going to actually start up.

After years of using a gas trimmer, and the'ongoing' battle of pulling the cord at least 10 times to get it started, I finally gave up on the my gas trimmer. Decided to do some research on different models, and came across the EGO 15' Trimmer. After reading'many' positive reviews, I decided to pull the trigger and give it a try. A few weeks ago, I needed a new string trimmer. After several sessions looking up reviews.

Looking over trimmers for weeks. I have had several trimmers. Never had major problems from the orange chainsaw brand. Alas, I hated jerking a cord. My wife couldn't crank them if I were out of town...

I have used it three times and still doesn't need charging. I have a very terraced back yard. This thing is plenty strong.

Just slide battery in and pull trigger/leaver and go. I bought this trimmer hoping it would be powerful enough to cut some high and fairly dense weeds on my property. It did the job with relative ease.

I've used a 20 volt cordless trimmer for some time, but this is much more powerful, not noticeably different from a gas trimmer, but with a bit more limited usefulness because the battery charge lasts only about 30 to 40 minutes. That is why I rated it 4 stars rather than 5.

But I'm completely satisfied with the trimmer, which functions beautifully and is easy to use, well balanced and fairly light weight. I experienced no fatigue at all using it.

Just as good as the gas powered. I bought my Ego Power+ after my gas powered trimmer seized up on me. I switched to gas powered because of the power and performance. I have had battery powered trimmers and electric in the past and they never could compare.

But when I had to make a choice on a new trimmer I decided to give the Ego a chance because I have been so impressed with the Ego mower I bought. It protects my fence and flowers. No need for gas and oil.

A lot less noise then a gas trimmer The battery life I got was 45 minutes. Plenty of time to trim my quarter acre lot.

It's a little on the heavy side I would recommend a shoulder strap. So stop making trips to the gas station and fire up this baby you won't regret it!

It's much lighter than my gas powered trimmer and puts a lot less stress on my back and arms. I live in a rural area and never have enough time to keep up with weeds along the fence lines.

Comments I read about the trimmer not doing well with weeds higher than 8-10 inches is to be taken very literally. It also does not handle any weeds with stems thicker than about an eighth of an inch. Having said that it is great for general yard trimming, lots of power, battery time is very good, and the thicker line holds up to the challenges.

I have owned three trimmers in the past. A corded one that worked fine but was inconvenient on a leash so to speak. The gas ones worked fine, well sort of once i got them started. The hassle of the gas oil mix, the noise and the smell, not a chore i looked forward to. I was skeptical about a battery unit but after reading the reviews i thought i'll give it a try. I'm glad i did!

This baby works like a champ. Have never run out of battery charge and i have an acre of lawn. Heck my wife could use this, that however has yet to happen. This unit performs as good if not better that my last gas unit.

Like most, I was skeptical. I've always used'prosumer' level gas trimmers and wondered if this could really compare. Bottom line, the answer is yes. I have a 2 acre lot with a lot's of trimming needed. My 23 year old Echo was worn out and I was looking for a replacement.

I have a battery powered hedge trimmer from a different company that I'm happy with so I decided to look at these trimmers since their weed eaters didn't suit me. Eassy to Assemble and Use. I bought this 2 weeks ago and have used it once so far.

The grass to be trimmed was longer than usual, so the trimmer had to work harder than usual. Not having to start a gas trimmer or mix the oil and gas is a plus. The ECO effectively cut the long grass, but the battery did run out of a charge shortly before the job was completed. It ran for about 45 minutes. The unit is also slightly heavier than anticipated.

Easy to use but string loading troublesome. I bought this trimmer as it was highest ranked with consumer reports and included a heads up comparison against a gas trimmer and was very comparable. I used the trimmer for the first time on June 3, 2017 and it performed great. Very much like a gas trimmer which I've used for many years.

It doesn't have quite the power but plenty for a normal yard although it took almost 2 (2.5v) batteries to finish front and back including along street and front sidewalk. I used my ego 2.5v blower battery while I charged the other and by the time I needed the blower the battery was charged again.

My only complaint is that 2 times the string coming out of one side Of the trimmer ended up inside head which made me have to take the trimmer head off and rewind the string. Not an easy task but I think I'll get better at it with practice. In summary I Love that it trims great and batteries are interchangeable plus consumer reports ranks it highest.

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EGO String Trimmer Cordless 15 in. Cutting Swath 56-V Lithium-Ion Variable Speed   EGO String Trimmer Cordless 15 in. Cutting Swath 56-V Lithium-Ion Variable Speed